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Welcome to Freckles Preschool in Arborfield.



We accept children aged 2-5 years old, Monday to Friday, 8.30am until 3.30pm with Lunch Club being between 11.30am and 12.30pm. We also accept 15 and 30 hour funding.

Depending on demand, will may well be extending out hours to 8.30am - 5.30pm soon.

This term so far we have been concentrating on superheroes, with our hand superhero characters which are now hanging from the ceiling. We also purchased a wonderfully funny range of books about ‘Supertato’, which if you are looking for something new to read, we would highly recommend as a very funny read. Other focus activities will be Valentines day, Mother Day and of course Easter, 

We are fully Ofsted Registered.

My husband James and I are the proud owners of Freckles Preschool, it's been my dream to have my own Preschool for years and I am so excited that I have been able to fulfill that dream by opening Arborfield in February 2018. I am passionate about working with children and early years and get so much satisfaction in the children we teach telling their parents/guardians about something they have learnt in Freckles. When it happens in your own Preschool the satisfaction is X 100!! I love what I do and I think and hope this shows. From the reviews we have received from parents I believe we are doing something right 😊. I have a Psychology Degree which included 2 years worth of child psychology and development, which then lead to 15+years in early years in many guises, from Early Years Practitioner in a Montessori Nursery and then a Preschool, childminding, to Early Years Lecturer and Trainer. James has come from more of a business background in Advertising and Marketing to an Account Manager role more recently. He also helped with my childminding business which included looking after our Niece and Nephew. He now has discovered his new love, Freckles and all the wonderful children who constantly ask for James and pretend to talk to him on our role play phone !! 😍 Also our 2 Sons designed the Freckles logo and the first thing they ask us after a day at school is 'how was Freckles today?' It's certainly a family affair that we are all brimming with pride over. We have some wonderful children and families who are helping to make Freckles so special. We have some fabulous staff who have been amazing and supported us on our adventure so far. So please come and meet us and visit Freckles, and hopefully you will fall in love with it as much as we have.


Parents Corner


Winter / Spring 2020

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Dear Parents/Guardians

Welcome to Freckles Preschool newsletter.

This is a way of communicating information about Freckles with everyone and for gaining your feedback on how we are doing. But firstly we would like to welcome all the new children and parents/guardians that have joined us recently and are settling in very well. We hope you enjoy your time with us.


Funding/fees: As a reminder those children who are eligible for funding can only use this in term time for a total of 38 weeks per year. Where funding is not applicable fees apply at the new standard rate of £19.50 per 3 hour session, lunch club at £6 per session. A note of the increase in rate was emailed with the September invoices for all current parents/children. Its due to an increase in minimum wage and rent. Thank you.


Learning journeys and key workers: you should all know who your child’s key worker is now. Please do feel free to look at your child’s learning journey at any time, they are in a green box on one of the shelf units in preschool. Please speak to your child’s key worker if you have any questions/concerns regarding your child. However we all know every child very well so you are free to talk to any of us at any time.


Term dates are as follows: TBC - Due to Covid 19


Reminder: could we kindly remind all parents/guardians to just drop us a quick message/call if your child is off sick, its really useful to know as it can have a dramatic impact on our ratios and what staff need to be in. Thank you


Toys from home: we understand that children like to bring in toys from home, but could we ask that this is limited and placed in the home box so that we can bring them out at certain times during the day, such as show and tell time. This is to eliminate breakages and toys being lost. Thank you.


Outside space: I’m sure you have all now seen our lovely outside space, we have to take down and put up the fence daily but its enabled us to have our own space which we and the children absolutely love. Could we remind you to ensure your child has named wellies in on the days they attend. If it rains the grass area can get quite muddy. Thank you.


Waterproofs/clothing: with the weather being so changeable at present, we do like to be outside as much as possible, however when it rains the grass gets very muddy and we have a couple of puddles that appear. We do like the children to play and jump in these, but they can get quite wet and muddy therefore we are thinking of sourcing some waterproofs. If you have any for your child then it maybe an idea to send them in with these, and if anyone has any spare or unwanted waterproofs we would very much appreciate the donation. Equally can we also ask parents to send their child with warm clothing/coat and as it starts to get colder maybe a hat and gloves too. Thank you.


Reminder: as you all know we open at 8.30am, can we politely ask that children are not dropped off in preschool until this time, any earlier may mean we are out of ratio as staff are not required to start work until 8.30am. Equally at the end of the day all children must be collected by 3.30pm, our staff have to leave by 3.45pm to collect their own children. Obviously we do realise that there are exceptions sometimes and parents/guardians maybe running late, but if we could just ask you to let us know that would be much appreciated. Thanks.


Illness: As a little reminder if your child has a sickness bug, they are required to stay away from preschool for 48 hours from the last time they were sick, to ensure they are no longer contagious. Thank you.


Facebook/Instagram: we have a Freckles page on both FB and Instagram, we often put updates, posts and photos (not of the children) on these so do please keep an eye out.


Nappies: for those children still in nappies, can we please remind everyone to put nappies, wipes and nappy sacks in their rucksacks. Could we also remind everyone to put in a change of clothes etc just in case your child has an accident or spillage. We do have spare clothes but these do tend to get depleted quite quickly. Thank you.


Mobile phones: if parents/guardians are coming into Freckles for longer than to drop off/pick up, may we ask you to put your mobile phone in the kitchen with staff phones. Personal mobile phones are not allowed to be used whilst in Freckles as there is a safeguarding issue with phones that have cameras. Thanks for your understanding.


Proud of our children: we have our lovely proud cloud on our door in Freckles, parents/guardians are free to contribute to this if your child has done something super special at home. Either write it on a coloured star (beside the cloud) or tell a member of staff. This is then linked to marbles that can be placed in a jar by that child and then all the children will receive a group reward when we fill the jar.


Working together: we would also like to encourage parents/guardians to write on our spider diagram for planning on the wall. This is where children maybe interested in something at home that you can add, we can then incorporate this into our planning for the following week, in line with the EYFS (early years foundation stage).


Children’s trays: please don’t forget to check your child’s tray for their beautiful creations, we always display the work that children create at Freckles as this has been proven to be very valuable to a child, making them feel proud of what they have achieved and boosting their confidence and self-esteem. Once they have been up on the wall for a few days and we start to run out of space we will then pop them into their trays.


Food allergies: We now have a child who has allergies to eggs, milk, nuts, cats and dogs so we are asking all parents/guardians to please not include anything containing nuts and eggs in their child’s lunch boxes when this child attends on Tuesdays and Thursdays please. So things like seeded/nut bread, Nutella, peanut better, egg sandwiches etc. Thank you.


Lunch boxes: if you are sending your child in with grapes/cherry tomatoes or similar, please can we ask that they are cut in half/quarters to prevent them from being a choking hazard. Can we also ask that you only put 1 treat in their lunch boxes, such as a cake/biscuit etc. Could we also ask children to bring in a water bottle daily so that they have access to this at any time of the day on our shelf unit. Thank you.

New building: we have been told by the parish council that work on the extension to the pavilion will now not happen until later this year. Sadly the planning permission expired before work was able to start. The plan is to extend and improve the existing pavilion we use.


Please, please do come to us with any comments or suggestions on how we can do things better, and if we are doing things well too is always nice to hear!! If you would like to leave a review please do add this to our FB page.


Thank you for all your amazing support and for continuing to make our little dream, a wonderful freckly reality, we are loving every minute.


Lynne, James and all at Freckles Preschool.


“The direction in which education starts a person will determine their future in life.”

'Absolutely lovely place! Amazing friendly staff and my daughter loves it! So glad I chose Freckles x'

'What can I say! Lynne is just wonderful and my son is so happy there. And as a mum that is all I can ask for. I love the fact I have met Lynne's husband James and her two sons and you can really feel the passion they all have about supporting our children and wanting to do their best. The atmosphere is so relaxed and warm and I am relaxed at work knowing my child is so happy.'

'My daughter loves it, the staff are great, gentle and understanding, she 'creates' when it's time to go home !!'

'My son has come on so much since attending 'Freckles,' Lynne and James both live and breath it and it's plain to see their passion. We particularly love the country views and new safe fenced off outside area'   

'Our son thoroughly enjoys coming to Freckles and looks forward everytime I tell him James is coming to collect him.'

Visit us at Arborfield Pavilion

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Freckles mobile 07561 187 617

Freckles mobile 

07561 187617

Arborfield Pavilion, Swallowfield Road, Arborfield. RG2 9JR

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